Why weight loss is SO SLOW over 50

Your metabolism is less efficient than it used to be, but don't confuse "slow" with "impossible." Lose weight at any age with The 5-0 Method:


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  1. Momika L on August 26, 2023 at 3:07 pm

    I highly recommend Paula’s book. I’m only 63% through it, and I lost 5.2 since Monday.

    I know that’s not expected to happen. Turns out, I was going too low on calories when combined with moderately heavy exercise.

    Again, my weight loss could slow significantly but I very much appreciate this book. Instead of “Oh, I always mess up on the weekends”-it’s “I can eat better on the weekends and still stay in my range.” I might have found my calories sweet spot. It’s about 350 more calories a day than I thought it was.

    Thanks so much, Pahla! You rock.

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