What To Do When You’re Not Losing Weight

When you’re not losing weight it’s almost never because of your calories. And yet, that’s the conclusion we all jump to immediately, even though changing up your calories is more likely to slow you down than speed you up. On this week’s episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, I’m sharing three important things to do (that aren’t changing your calories) when you’re not losing weight.

Weight loss is a long game, and it’s driven by three things, in this exact order: number one, believing that you can, number two, eating in a slight caloric deficit over time, and number three, lovingly supporting your menopausal metabolism while you do numbers one and two.

Fiddling around with your calories (number two) before you address the belief piece (number one) is kind of like trying to read a book in a foreign language when you don’t even know the alphabet yet. Sure, you can make guesses, but it’s unlikely that you’ll make sense of the story.

Imagine jumping into the deep end of a pool when you don’t believe that you can swim. You’ll just thrash around and, at best, tread water, instead of gliding smoothly to the other side.

You absolutely, positively, must take a look at your mindset – your beliefs – before making adjustments to your calories, so that you don’t find yourself splashing around and not making progress toward your weight loss goal.

This is why the three things to do when you’re not losing weight that I’m sharing with you today are all mindset-focused – so you can swim like a champion and read novels with ease.

No, I’m joking.

I’m showing you how to change your mindset so you can lose all the weight you want after menopause and keep it off forever.

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