This Is Why You Can’t Get Consistent

Of course you want to get consistent with your weight loss habits, but consistency feels SO hard, and right now you’re wondering if you should just throw in the towel. My friend, if you’re struggling with consistency, this episode is for you, because today I’m sharing three reasons why you can’t get consistent and exactly what to do about it.

I know everybody and their weight loss coach tells you how you’ve gotta be consistent to reach your goals, and we all sort of acknowledge, like “Yeah, consistency is hard,” but nobody talks about why it’s so hard or what to do about it, other than using willpower or self-discipline.

But, my friend, even though I am a weight loss coach, I’m definitely not “everybody,” and the solution I’m sharing with you today is going to crack your mindset wide open *and* solve your consistency problems.

Because the problem isn’t your crazy schedule or your character. The real problem is your unspoken, undefined, and largely unconscious (or at least subconscious) expectations of what consistency is “supposed to” look like.

And, yes, what I’m saying is that you have mindset blocks about consistency.

So today, we’re digging into those blocks with three common reasons why you can’t get consistent (and how to fix them).

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