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If we told you self-care practices that lower your stress levels can also help improve the condition of your complexion would you believe us?

In this episode, founder and CEO of selfmade, Stephanie Lee, discusses how her rituals-based skin-care brand founded with psychodermatologic principles at their center are giving people the products and resources they need to deal with their stressed skin concerns at home. We discuss the origins of psychodermatology, which is the study of the mind-skin connection and its importance not only in skin-care but making us feel more at home in our bodies.

HOST: Zoë Weiner ( ), Senior Beauty Editor at Well+Good
GUEST: Stephanie Lee, Founder of selfmade

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00:00 Welcome Back to Routine Rundown
00:02:04 Psychodermatology and skin connection
00:04:45 Mind-body connection in beauty
00:09:00 Mental health in beauty industry
00:11:33 Emotional Intelligence in Gen Z
00:14:38 Self-care through skincare
00:18:09 Common human experiences connect us
00:21:56 The definition of healthy skin
00:26:15 Self-care during the pandemic
00:28:45 Daily Routine and Self-Care

Well+Good Senior beauty editor and host Zoë Weiner never turns down an opportunity to ask top dermatologists, hair stylists or celebs about their beauty routines—down to the exact eyebrow brush they swear by. In each season, we’ll vet the products that have been sitting in your cart, talk through all the latest trends and learn the why behind the routines that prepare us for each day. Get the rundown with new episodes on Mondays and Thursdays because we know routines aren’t made in one day!

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  1. Jose Diaz on April 20, 2023 at 9:43 pm

    Great conversation. Nice job. Informative

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