The Rundown with Dr. Elena Jones | Routine Rundown

Pharrell Williams has a reputation for having the skin of a vampire but, have you ever wondered who helps him continue to look so ageless? In this episode board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Elena Jones, talks about how she became a mentor to many budding dermatologists in New York City and how her 20-year-long friendship with Pharrell evolved into them collaborating to create Humanrace, a skin-care line that focuses on the basic essentials of skin health.

HOST: Zoë Weiner ( ), Senior Beauty Editor at Well+Good

GUEST: Dr. Elena Jones, MD

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00:00 Welcome Back to Routine Rundown
01:13 Pharrell's skincare line
04:01 Simplifying skincare routine
07:10 Gender neutral beauty
11:44 Sun care and education
14:02 Mineral Sunscreen Formulation
19:20 Importance of hydration in skincare
20:44 Body cream routine


Well+Good Senior beauty editor and host Zoë Weiner never turns down an opportunity to ask top dermatologists, hair stylists or celebs about their beauty routines—down to the exact eyebrow brush they swear by. In each season, we’ll vet the products that have been sitting in your cart, talk through all the latest trends and learn the why behind the routines that prepare us for each day. Get the rundown with new episodes on Mondays and Thursdays because we know routines aren’t made in one day!

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  1. Jose Diaz on April 17, 2023 at 7:19 pm

    WOW very nice job. U have to stay hydrated. Great great information n conversation. Nice

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