The Intersection of Fashion, Beauty, and Tech with Snapchat’s Rajnji Jacques | Routine Rundown

In the rapidly evolving beauty landscape it can be hard to keep up. Yet over the years, Snapchat’s global head of fashion and beauty partnerships, Rajni Jacques has not only managed to keep tabs on all that’s trending but she has also influenced so much of the digital landscape we’ve come to know today.
In this episode, we reflect on the shifts we’ve seen from traditional publishing to digital platforms and how the beauty industry has embraced the change and utilized social media tools as a space for innovation and a source of inspiration.

HOST: Zoë Weiner, Contributing Beauty Editor at Well+Good

GUEST: Rajni Jacques, Global Head of Fashion and Beauty Partnerships at Snapchat

00:05:22 Fashion and beauty transformed by tech.
00:05:27 Snapchat empowers brands and creators.
00:11:21 Social media drives and reflects trends.
00:20:56 Maintain healthy boundaries with social media.
00:22:23 Find a healthy balance on social media.

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