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Negativity bias is a real thing, but it doesn't have to stop you from losing weight. Learn how to find your thoughts and change your mindset with The 5-0 Method:

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How to stick to your calories without restricting yourself

Be aware of what you're THINKING about the foods you eat! Restrictive thoughts and feelings won't get you to your goal weight, but The 5-0 Method will!

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Am I FINISHED losing weight?

You get to decide! You can get to any weight you want, any time you want, call it your goal weight and be done (and finished, lol)! It's your body,…

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Strengthen your core and prevent future falls with one of my favorite videos:

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I’m not losing weight. Should I lower my calories?

Maybe. But also, maybe not! Be sure to check in with your consistency in all FIVE areas of The 5-0 Method before making changes:

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Want to LOSE WEIGHT without losing FITNESS? Do THIS

Daily moderate exercise is best for your menopausal body. Learn more in The 5-0 Method:

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How to STAY PRESENT when journaling

Having trouble figuring out how to journal? The 5-0 Method comes with printable journaling pages that help you focus:

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What to do with SUGAR CRAVINGS

Step One: stop judging yourself for having them. Step Two: decide if the sugary thing fits into your daily target. Step Three: if necessary, allow the feeling to exist in…

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How to choose your GOAL WEIGHT

Pick a number, any number! As long as you actually PICK, it's perfect.

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How MENOPAUSE changed the way you LOSE WEIGHT

Menopause affects your sleep, your workouts, your mood, and so much more! That's why I created The 5-0 Method for you:

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