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Losing Weight for the Last Time

You’ve gained and lost weight before, maybe even dozens of times, and you’re sick of it. You’re ready to be done with this dieting nonsense forever. But how does that…

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How to Stop Eating Your Feelings

It’s been a long day, and your coworkers got on every single one of your nerves, including your last one. You’re super stressed out and you’ve got a deadline to…

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How to Lose All the Weight You Want (by journaling about it!) | MASTERCLASS Replay

Learn more about weight loss life coaching with Pahla B:

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The “F” Word

Don’t worry, today’s episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast isn’t really about the “F” word you’re probably thinking of – the four-lettered one. But we are absolutely going to…

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How to Stay On Track for Weight Loss (Even When You’re Out of Your Routine!)

Weight loss is actually pretty straightforward. You have a routine, and you stick to your routine. And it all goes just fine… as long as you’re in your routine. But…

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What To Do When the Scale Goes UP

You stepped on the scale this morning, and it was up 1.2 pounds from yesterday. Your heart sank to your stomach, and your brain went into overdrive, telling you that…

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Fast Weight Loss vs. Permanent Weight Loss

Which would you rather: lose weight fast, or lose weight permanently? This is easy: FAST weight loss! No, wait. PERMANENT weight loss. Fast? Permanent? It’s so hard to choose! Well,…

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Getting Your Brain Onboard with Weight Loss

Weight loss over 50 is driven by three things, in this exact order: number one, believing that you can. Number two, eating in a slight caloric deficit over time, and…

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This is Why Your Other Weight Loss Programs Didn’t Work

Wanna know why your last weight loss program didn’t work? The short answer is this: they were only trying to change your body. But my friend, weight loss only finishes…

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Are You REALLY Ready to Lose Weight?

It’s almost the first of the year, and literally everybody is talking about “New Year, New You!” But how do you know if you’re actually ready to make the deep,…

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