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The Best Time of the Day to Take Vitamins

Find out when to take your vitamins to increase absorption and effectiveness. Check out Dr. Berg high-quality supplements here: 🛒 9 Unexpected Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): ▶️…

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The AMAZING Health Benefits of Immune Boosting Vitamins

Immune Support: Save 20% Using Code "ImmuneStrong": The AMAZING Health Benefits of Immune Boosting Vitamins is a video that identifies immune health and what it needs to thrive. The immune…

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The ANTI-INFLAMMATORY That Will Surprise You

Ultraviolet radiation isn't as scary as you've been led to believe. Learn more and discover the unique anti-inflammatory benefits of UV radiation. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Is UV radiation bad? 0:37…

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The 7 MOST Important Nutrients for Your Immune System

Discover the most important nutrients for your immune system and avoid getting sick this winter. What Vitamin D Does to Your Immune System: ▶️ 0:00 Introduction: How to boost your…

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Normal Vitamin D Levels Will NOT Tell the Whole Picture

Vitamin D is important but confusing. Find out how to boost vitamin D and much more. 0:00 Introduction: Vitamin D levels explained 1:40 Understanding the vitamin D receptor 6:25 How…

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The #1 Deficiency behind All Autoimmune Diseases

This video is vital if you or a loved one has an autoimmune disease. Discover the #1 deficiency behind all autoimmune diseases. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Autoimmune disease explained 0:24 Potential…

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