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Your Fatty Liver Caused Your Diabetes

Can you reverse diabetes? I learned some new interesting information you need to hear. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Reversing diabetes 0:50 Fatty liver disease and diabetes 3:15 Your brain and diabetes…

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The Protein That Spikes Insulin More than White Bread

Check out the pros and cons of whey protein powder! DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Is whey protein healthy? 0:23 Understanding whey protein 1:35 Is whey protein keto-friendly? 1:48 Whey protein for…

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The Surprising Facts about Insulin You Never Knew

Did you know insulin has health benefits? Let’s clear up some confusion and conflicting information around insulin. DATA: Type 1 Diabetics MUST Do This to Reduce Insulin: ▶️ Insulin Index:…

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What Happens If You ONLY Eat Carbs for 14 Days

Check out this long list of things that could happen if you only consumed carbohydrates for two weeks. 0:00 Introduction: What happens if you only eat carbs 0:32 The dangers…

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