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The #1 Worst Food for Your Heart (HINT: It’s Not Sugar)

This is the worst food for your heart—it's not sugar, but it's everywhere! Check out premium quality pasture-raised meats here: DATA: 0:00 Introduction: The #1 worst food for your heart…

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The Best Diet for Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Many people have a genetic cholesterol problem and don’t even know it. Discover the best diet for familial hypercholesterolemia. DATA: (15)00601-2/fulltext 0:00 Introduction: The best diet for familial hypercholesterolemia 0:10…

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Eat Eggs and Butter and Lower Your Cholesterol

Could consuming eggs and butter actually help lower your cholesterol? Check this out. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Are eggs bad for cholesterol? 0:25 Benefits of eggs for cholesterol 3:42 Benefits of…

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The #1 Best Food for All Menopausal Symptoms

Find out why it’s not necessary for women to experience symptoms of menopause, and discover the best food for menopause symptoms. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: How to deal with menopause symptoms…

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10 Surprising Diseases Caused by Low LDL Cholesterol

Is low cholesterol worse than high cholesterol? Learn about the dangers of low cholesterol. 0:00 Introduction: Is having low LDL and low cholesterol healthy? 0:23 Understanding cholesterol 1:18 Dangers of…

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