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8 Ways Your Body Tells You Have a Disease

Sun Tzu Technology of War Book: Understanding the warning signs of diseases can help you prevent and manage them. Discover some of the signs and remedies of 8 common ailments….

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The Hidden Source of Heart Attacks That You Never Considered

This hidden cause of heart attacks is common and not talked about enough. Learn more. DATA: The Best Blood Test for Cancer (Lactate Dehydrogenase): ▶️ The 9 Ignored Risk Factors…

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Use Your EAR to Predict a Heart Attack

Check for this interesting predictor of a heart attack right now—it’s as easy as looking in the mirror. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: A good predictor of heart attack 2:40 Heart attack…

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Exposing The American Heart Association – Very Bad Advice

Exposing The American Heart Association is. video where I describe the shortcoming of the advice coming from the associations that are supposed to protect us. Heart disease and cardiovascular disease…

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The Most Shocking Underrated Mortality Risk Factor

Did you know a lack of exercise increases your risk of stroke by 117%? Find out more about why a sedentary lifestyle is an underrated mortality risk factor. DATA: More…

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