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When I step outside my bubble and eat with others, I’m always shocked at the heavy carb based meals that are considered normal.

If you are eating heavy carb based meals, you are inevitably not eating enough fats, proteins, or healthy fruits and vegetables.

You then are lacking micronutrient dense foods in your diet. Leaving the door open for nutrient deficiencies and health conditions to arise.

I prefer 100 grams or less of carbs as a rule of them.

I recently spent a day with some extended family and after evaluating their diet day to day. I realized their daily food intake was about 70% carbs. I found it hard to eat with them because all the meals being served up were junk. Can you relate?

You don’t need to go super low carb to be healthy (25grams or less), but it’s necessary to certainly go way less than the average person.

Stay Healthy! Dr. Z


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