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N-Acetyl Cysteine may be one of the most undervalued things you can do to take care of your health.

Does NAC work too good?

In 2021 the FDA made NAC very difficult for consumers to get. They felt it needed to be classified as a pharmaceutical. It’s a strange idea considering it was available on the shelves for decades without issue. 🤔

NAC is inexpensive and has many amazing benefits. Some of the benefits include

• Raising Antioxidant levels
• Balancing blood sugar
• Decreasing Inflammation
• Improving brain health
• Detoxification and more…

I take NAC at a low dose every day. Specifically 1 capsule to give me all the amazing benefits I just mentioned.

(Comment “NAC” below and I’ll share with you what I use)

I’m a huge believer in NAC and have used it for years in my clinic. The extensive benefits with the low price make it a must have in my opinion.

Stay Healthy! -Dr. Z


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