How to Stay On Track for Weight Loss (Even When You’re Out of Your Routine!)

Weight loss is actually pretty straightforward. You have a routine, and you stick to your routine. And it all goes just fine… as long as you’re in your routine. But when you go out to eat, or somebody brings donuts to work, or there’s a wedding or a new baby or a birthday to celebrate – I mean, how can you stay on track for weight loss when you’re out of your routine? We’re getting into it today, love, and I’m going to show you exactly how.

First and foremost, I offer you this: you’re always on track for weight loss. Every part of your journey – even the twists and turns and long stretches of not feeling like you’re losing weight – is getting you to your goal.


I also have some really practical mindset advice around making decisions about what “on track” looks like for you, and how to have your own back to stick with it.

Imagine feeling confident about your choices no matter where you go, or who you’re eating with, or what’s being served. And picture how fast you’ll get to your goal when you get off the “on track-off track” merry-go-round, and stay focused.

It’s available to you, and this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast will show you how.


04:22 Weight loss mindset: rules, self-manipulation, individuality.

11:21 Create flexible routines by setting and meeting parameters.

19:04 Embrace change, trust the process, visualize success.

27:39 Take control of your life and choices.

32:09 Imagine relaxed future, maintenance after weight loss journey.

36:24 Socialization and support are invaluable for personal growth.

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