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Getting parasites out of your body will rarely happen with just a “quick cleanse” as you often see on the internet.

2 false ideas about parasites that I continuously see on the internet.

1) Everyone has them
2) Do this quick cleanse for 10 days and it will be gone.

I have worked with many people in my clinic to help them get rid of parasites. First, we identify them with lab testing. Determine what type of species and how dangerous it is to the body.

From there we come up with a game plan and knock out the infection which takes a multi-pronged approach.

Change the microbiome, improve immune function, change the diet, use the proper supplement to wipe out the parasite…. watch symptoms, etc.

Parasites can destroy your health and are an ever-growing problem. If you feel this is an issue you can reach out to my clinic and get some proper help.


Most people who get infected with parasites will stay infected with parasites because you won’t use the proper methods to get rid of them. Don’t fall for internet quick fixes for serious health problems.

Stay Healthy! Dr. Z


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