How Journaling Helps You Lose Weight

So, you’re ready to lose weight for the last time by changing your mindset. But how exactly do you do that? And why does it work, when all the dieting you’ve been doing after menopause makes it feel like nothing will ever work again? In this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, I’m sharing exactly how journaling helps you lose weight.

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of journaling. In fact, I consider myself a journaling coach, a journaling mentor, and even a journaling teacher.

I think a lot of us know that journaling is good for us, in that vague way that we know brushing our teeth is good for us. Like, everybody says it’s helpful, but how? And why?

Well, a dentist will tell you that your gum health is actually directly tied to your heart health, and a life coach – me – will tell you that journaling for self awareness is the direct path to creating weight loss habits you can stick with.

And, like a dentist who is an expert in their field, I can talk about journaling all day long! Or, for about 45 minutes. Today’s full-length, deep dive episode is another foray into the Pahla B archives, with a Masterclass I taught just a few months ago, called “How To Lose All the Weight You Want (by journaling about it!)”

When you listen all the way through, you’ll get not just the teaching part, but the Q&A from other menopausal women who are struggling with the same weight loss questions you are. This episode is chock full of the actionable information you need to start journaling for weight loss right now. Enjoy!

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