How Isla Beauty is Elevating Skincare Experiences | Routine Rundown Podcast | Well+Good

Why isla beauty is on a mission to create a better skincare experience for consumers

What could a better skincare experience look like? In this episode, we’re speaking with founder of isla beauty, Tracy Dubb as she shares how her experience in venture capital paired with her own skin struggles have shaped her radically transparent approach to beauty and skincare. 

HOST:  Zoë Weiner, Senior Beauty Editor at Well+Good
GUEST: Tracy Dubb, Co-Founder of isla beauty

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00:00 Welcome Back to Routine Rundown
03:10 Beauty industry transparency.
05:24 Skincare journey with acne.
08:23 Transparency in beauty.
11:02 Price transparency in beauty.
15:26 Clean beauty misconceptions.
17:36 Clean Beauty Movement.
20:47 Importance of starting with a product.
24:00 Sustainable skincare innovations.
28:05 Unique physical exfoliant product.

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  1. Jose Diaz on May 11, 2023 at 5:06 pm

    Very very nice. Im a pro fisherman. My skin hurts. What should I use against sun. Whatever you recommend i will really appreciate it. Have a great day everyone. Be blessed. Salute from Miami Florida

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