Getting Your Brain Onboard with Weight Loss

Weight loss over 50 is driven by three things, in this exact order: number one, believing that you can. Number two, eating in a slight caloric deficit over time, and number three, lovingly supporting your metabolism while you do the other two things.

Getting your brain onboard with weight loss and believing that you can lose weight is, hands down, the most important part of your weight loss journey. Your body doesn’t go anywhere your brain doesn’t go first. But the solution isn’t just chanting affirmations or forcing yourself to think positive thoughts.

There’s actually a simple path to total weight loss belief in yourself, your body, and your decisions that starts with observation.

Observing a thing (your disbeliefs) changes a thing. And this is the exact work we begin with The 5-0 Method, which includes journaling prompts that help you observe your brain and its disbeliefs.

The next step is untangling those disbeliefs, by feeling your feelings instead of shoving them down. Getting in touch with your body and building this bridge of trust between your thoughts and feelings is the root of unshakeable belief.

And finally, the last step is setting yourself free from your old disbeliefs, by gently letting them go. Learning to master the skills of observing, untangling and setting free is the clear path to permanent weight loss.

Helpful Timestamps:

00:00 Recording inside, comfy and alone for once.

03:45 Mindset matters; your brain leads the way.

06:46 Example, mixed beliefs about shoes.

10:50 Understanding how thoughts affect feelings and actions.

13:52 Get your mindset on board for weight loss!

17:18 Starting mindset work in weight loss journey.

21:31 Acknowledge that thoughts create feelings, start by noticing.

24:44 Examine habits, feelings, and subconscious thoughts closely.

27:31 Believing in yourself for permanent weight loss!

31:48 Mastering mindset is essential for lasting weight loss.

32:56 Maximize potential with The 5-0 Method.

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