Four “Diet Thoughts” You Can Let Go Of Today

I know you’ve got ‘em, because everybody has “diet thoughts.” In your head, they make so much sense and they sound so true. But not only are these thoughts not true, they’re holding you back from losing all the weight you want. So today, we’re exploring four “diet thoughts” you can let go of right now.

Letting go of your unhelpful thinking is a piece of the weight loss mindset puzzle that often gets overlooked. 

And I get it. I mean, it’s so much more pleasant to write affirmations to yourself on your mirror or to make gratitude lists or count your blessings or celebrate your wins. Everybody wants to feel good. Me, too.

But skipping over the yucky parts of your journey isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, not releasing your diet thoughts is the exact reason you’re either struggling to lose weight right now or the culprit behind why you’ve gained and lost weight so many times in your life.

As long as you continue thinking “diet thoughts” you’ll continue being on a diet.

Are you ready to let them go? Let’s dig in!

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