Forget Getting ANY Vitamin A from Carrots

Consuming carrots isn't the best way to get the benefits of vitamin A. Learn more!

0:00 Introduction: Do carrots have a lot of vitamin A?
0:14 Pre-vitamin A vs. active vitamin A
1:32 Foods rich in vitamin A
2:07 Are carrots keto-friendly?
5:05 Learn more about fiber and insulin!

Which has more vitamin A: 40 pounds of carrots or three ounces of beef liver? It turns out that beef liver is a better source of vitamin A.

Carrots have a lot of pre-vitamin A, called beta-carotene. The active form of vitamin A is called retinol. Beta-carotene has to convert into retinol to become active, but the conversion rate isn’t very high.

The best sources of beta-carotene are plant-based, and the best sources of retinol are animal-based. To get the vitamin A your body needs, it’s important to consume animal sources that have the active form of vitamin A, retinol.

Foods high in vitamin A (retinol):
• Beef liver
• Cod liver and cod liver oil
• Egg yolk
• Butter

Beta-carotene is a great nutrient, but you can’t get all of the vitamin A benefits you need from beta-carotene.

So, what about carrots? Are carrots keto-friendly?

Carrots are higher on the glycemic index, but they have a lot of fiber, making the sugar less of a problem. So, yes, you can have carrots on keto. But keep in mind that carrot juice doesn’t have very much fiber and shouldn’t be consumed on the keto diet.



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Thanks for watching! Take advantage of the benefits of vitamin A by consuming more beef liver. I'll see you in the next video.


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