Ep. 313: Weight Loss Q&A with Pahla B

We’re diving into the world of weight loss, and answering YOUR questions – it’s a weight loss Q&A with Pahla B! Listen now for mindset-shifting advice on dealing with discouragement, re-thinking a recent weight gain, managing emotional eating, and more.

On this episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast (which is a replay of a recent *live* Q&A session), we’re debunking calorie counting myths and addressing menopausal challenges with practical, doable advice for your weight loss journey.

Along the way, I answered questions about the importance of journaling, managing emotions, and changing your mindset about food. Because weight loss is not just about mechanical body changes, but also about shifting your thought patterns and beliefs.

Join me for this enlightening, insightful episode that’s sure to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Don't miss it!

Note: The GYG Podcast will be released on Thursdays in the near future. Stay tuned!

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