Ep. 311: Stop “shoulding” on yourself

Feel like there are things you should be doing for weight loss (like drinking enough water), but you’re just not motivated? This week on the Get Your GOAL podcast, we’re diving into the struggle of consistency and I’m sharing my personal experience with staying hydrated. So grab your water bottle and let’s reframe your mindset to break free from the burdensome “shoulds!”

It's happened to all of us at some point. You start off all gung-ho about drinking the recommended amount of water every day, only to fall off the wagon and berate yourself for not doing what you "should" be doing. Sound familiar?

But here's the thing I've learned: all this "shoulding" doesn't do you any good. It just drags you down and makes you feel burdened. And what's worse is that it often leads to avoiding doing the very thing you're "shoulding" yourself to do!

So, what's the solution? Instead of telling yourself, "I *should* be drinking my water," ask yourself, "Why do I *want* to drink water?"

It seems like such a small difference, but trust me, focusing on the reasons you want to do something makes it easier to take action. Rather than feeling burdened, you’ll discover a sense of curiosity and excitement about drinking water.

And here's the real secret: It's finding your own motivation, your own reasons for wanting to drink water that’ll get you to actually drink. Maybe it's because you want to feel energized, or because it supports your weight loss goal, or simply because it makes you feel good. Whatever it is, make it personal and meaningful to you.

Stop "shoulding" on yourself and start creating the results you really want.

Cheers to a fabulous, hydrated life, my friend!

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