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Manage your mindset, prioritize your sleep schedule, adjust your workouts so they stay fun, and pay attention to your body's signals.

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It’s been thought that brain cells don’t regenerate—but is that actually true? Learn more! Support brain health—check out high-quality Dr. Berg supplements here: Cod Liver Oil Capsules: 🛒 Natural Vitamin…

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The Common Vitamin Deficiency in Numb Hands and Pins and Needles

One of the biggest causes of numb hands and feet has to do with a certain vitamin deficiency. Check out Dr. Berg Nutritional Yeast Tablets (with vitamin B12, methylcobalamin): 🛒…

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Why FISH OIL Can Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death and Arrhythmias

Learn more about the dangers of omega-6 fatty acids and the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for the heart. Support Healthy Heart, Check out Dr. Berg's Cod Liver Oil Here:…

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The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – February 17, 2023

To find the Dr. Berg App – search on your phone: dr berg app Talk to Dr. Berg LIVE ➜ ➜ Get your keto and intermittent fasting questions answered in…

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9 Warning Signs of Parasites

Regardless of what you're doing with your health, chances are you have parasites. Learn more and check out the top warning signs of parasites. DATA: 0:00 The top warning signs…

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7 Surprising Magnesium Benefits You Don’t Know

You probably know magnesium supports the heart, but did you know about these other surprising health benefits of magnesium? Check this out! Check out Dr. Berg Magnesium Glycinate here: 🛒…

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ALCOHOL and weight loss (for women over 50)

There are calories in alcohol/cocktails, just like everything else we consume! And just like all those other things, it won't be main the reason you do or don't lose weight….

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Are you LAZY?

Working out the RIGHT AMOUNT (like we do with The 5-0 Method) is how to lose weight. Download the 5-0 Method today:

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Does MUSCLE weigh more than FAT?

No, it doesn't. But here's how to change your body composition over 50:

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