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I’m not losing weight. Should I lower my calories?

Maybe. But also, maybe not! Be sure to check in with your consistency in all FIVE areas of The 5-0 Method before making changes:

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STOP swinging during bar exercises 🐒

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The #1 Overlooked Cause of Artery Calcification

There is an interesting cause of artery calcification that I’ve never talked about before, and you need to be aware of it. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: #1 overlooked cause of calcified…

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Pineapple Skin Tea

LIKE & SHARE Because we should all be making Pineapple Skin Tea 🍍 This Hibiscus Pineapple Tea is my new favorite iced tea—sweet, tangy, refreshing, and delicious! #veganrecipes #shorts For…

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Want to LOSE WEIGHT without losing FITNESS? Do THIS

Daily moderate exercise is best for your menopausal body. Learn more in The 5-0 Method:

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Surprising Benefits From A Sauna #drnickzyrowski

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The Dr. Berg Show LIVE – March 24, 2023

To find the Dr. Berg App – search on your phone: dr berg app Talk to Dr. Berg LIVE ➜ ➜ Get your keto and intermittent fasting questions answered in…

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6 Reasons for Calcium Deposits (Spurs, Osteophytes, Stones, and Tartar)

Calcium deposits can show up in many places in the body. Learn more about the causes of calcium deposits and natural remedies.  0:00 Introduction: Calcium deposits explained  0:38 Causes of…

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Low Carb Peanut Butter Meringue Cookies

I meant to post this recipe a while back, but wasn’t able to get it done. I believe this one is worth the wait! It’s very versatile and a good…

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How to STAY PRESENT when journaling

Having trouble figuring out how to journal? The 5-0 Method comes with printable journaling pages that help you focus:

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