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Can you really get TOO MUCH SLEEP?

Yes, sleeping too much can affect your weight loss! Learn how much sleep YOU need to get results.

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Preventing Dementia: Expert Tips From A Doctor!

Bruce Willis was diagnosed with Dementia. Doctor Ekberg explains how you can improve the odds of getting dementia by learning these essential brain tips. As we age, it's crucial to…

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Footcare for Dry Feet #shorts

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Vegan Scallop Pasta

The BEST 30 Minute Vegan Scallop Pasta!! Made with king oyster mushrooms, toothsome bucatini pasta, and luscious garlic-y vegan cream sauce 🫠 Soooo gooooood!!! #veganrecipes #shorts For great free vegan…

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Keto Chicken Fennel and Celery Salad

What’s not to love about this chicken, fennel, and celery salad? It’s packed full of protein, has lots of crunchy veggies, and is served with a rich and creamy dressing….

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What to do when you’re STRUGGLING

Imagine your future self who has already figured this out.

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Meal Ideas for Weight Loss – A Day of Eating In A Calorie Deficit 🌮

Train With Me: ▪️ Online Personal Training: … ▪️ Beginner & Intermediate E-Books: ▪️ My Workout App: ▪️ Join the Community & Subscribe to My Weekly Newsletter: … Connect with…

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Stop Aging With This Miracle Formula?

Hello100 NMN (save 25% w/ code "drnick25"): Stop Aging With This Miracle Formula? Is a video that looks at the science of anti-aging and how you can benefit from it….

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Niacin vs. Niacinamide

Learn more about niacin vs. niacinamide and the benefits of both. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Vitamin B3 explained 0:10 Niacin vs. niacinamide 1:55 The dangers of niacin 3:35 Benefits of niacin…

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These Stretches Help Ease Knee Pain #shorts

Check out Brian's 12 Minute Stretch for Knee Pain here:

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