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Food Worse Than Sugar‼️ #drnickzyrowski

Almost all restaurants are using these unhealthy oils because they are cheap. Packaged and processed foods are also loaded with these oils causing you to consume way more of them…

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Clean Your Kidneys of Uric Acid and Oxalates

Did you know that you lose kidney function as you age? Discover how to protect your kidneys now. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: How to protect your kidneys 0:12 The kidneys explained…

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The Best Diet for Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Many people have a genetic cholesterol problem and don’t even know it. Discover the best diet for familial hypercholesterolemia. DATA: (15)00601-2/fulltext 0:00 Introduction: The best diet for familial hypercholesterolemia 0:10…

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Benefits of Green Tea for Sleep #shorts

Read the Well and Good article here:

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Black Eyed Pea Salad

This Black Eyed Pea Salad (Harlem Caviar in my cookbook), is always a hit! And it literally takes a few minutes to make it. Marinate it overnight for the very…

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Keto Shamrock Shake [Vegan-friendly]

This vegan and keto-friendly shamrock shake is a tall, cool glass of minty, creamy goodness, packed full of protein to boot. Have a blender handy and you’ll be able to…

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Are you ON TRACK with your weight loss progress?

Use the Monthly Check-In sheets and journaling pages in The 5-0 Method:

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Potassium Deficiency Causes Diabetes

Did you know that potassium deficiency could trigger diabetes? Learn more about the importance of potassium for diabetes and high blood pressure.  DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Potassium and diabetes  0:15 Blood…

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How to Spot a Soulmate and Twin Flame in Your Life #shorts

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Sweating doesn't mean anything about your workout!

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