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How to MEAL PREP for weight loss over 50

Calculate the calories in your favorite meals! More tips all the info you need for weight loss over 50 when you download the 5-0 method at

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Top 10 Foods I Eat In A Week As A Former Olympian & Doctor

Ever wonder what you should eat to stay healthy and be at the top of your game? From staying fit, living longer, reducing insulin to thriving in life here is…

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Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

This keto-friendly strawberry cheesecake shake is the perfect creamy treat, dessert, or even meal replacement. It packs the sweet-but-not-overwhelming flavor of fresh strawberries into the cool, thick texture of a…

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Vegan Coconut Cream Apple Tart | Alt-Baking Bootcamp | Well+Good

Gluten-free, dairy-free, AND vegan? We just hit the jackpot with pastry chef Elise Smith’s coconut cream apple tart recipe. Prepare to have your home smelling amazingly after you give this…

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Keto Southwest Salmon [with Low Carb Avocado Salsa]

This light and tasty salmon dish makes for an easy meal at any time of day. This seared salmon filet coated in a delicious spice rub comes out crisp on…

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Keto Meal Prep Brunch Jars [Great On-the-go Low Carb Meal]

It’s much easier to eat healthier and stick to a keto-friendly diet when your meals look amazing. These keto meal prep brunch jars are visually inviting but also taste great….

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That’s too many calories! 😱 (how to eat for weight loss over 50)

Add (or subtract) 50-100 calories every few weeks until you can hit your target. Download The 5-0 Method today at

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#1 Absolute Best Meal Plan To Lose Weight Faster

Ever wonder what to eat to lose weight faster? Here is what you should eat and why it is hard to lose weight. 🔴 Blood Work Course 🔥Watch more life…

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The Mind-Blowing Benefits of 4 Mushrooms

Start taking advantage of the interesting benefits of mushrooms. Check this out! DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Are mushrooms healthy? 1:50 Mushroom benefits  5:58 Learn more about natural alternatives for cancer!  Let’s…

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Keto Amaretti Cookies [with Jam and Coconut]

These little amaretti cookies are delicate and sweet. Each one is soft and full of almond and fruity flavors. This recipe uses strawberry jam, but you can use any flavor…

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