Can You REALLY Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight?

After a lifetime of hearing that you have to eat healthy or low calorie foods to lose weight, or you have to give up carbs or fats or desserts to lose the weight you want – well, overthinking menopausal women like you are understandably skeptical when my answer to the question of “Can you REALLY eat what you want and still lose weight?” is unequivocally “Yes, you can.”

When I was preparing for this week’s episode of the Get Your GOAL podcast, I went back into the Pahla B archives to watch a Masterclass I had put on about eight or nine months ago. I knew I had made a couple of points in that class that I wanted to share with you on the podcast, but I had honestly forgotten just how useful and actionable the whole class was.

So today, instead of just sharing a few points from that Masterclass, I’m sharing the entire thing, including the viewer Q&A at the end, which was super valuable as well.

And let me give you a little heads up. While I was in the vault, I found a couple of other Masterclasses I’m excited to share with you, too. So, over the next three weeks, you can enjoy these longer episodes that get super in-depth on the weight loss mindset topics you care about most.

Today’s Masterclass was recorded last fall, and it’s all about how to navigate “eating season” while you’re losing weight. Enjoy!

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