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What are your fasting hours?

“Time-restricted feeding (TRF) improves metabolic health. Both early TRF (eTRF, food intake restricted to the early part of the day) and mid-day TRF (mTRF, food intake restricted to the middle of the day) have been shown to have metabolic benefits. However, the two regimens have yet to be thoroughly compared. We conducted a five-week randomized trial to compare the effects of the two TRF regimens in healthy individuals without obesity (ChiCTR2000029797). The trial has completed. Ninety participants were randomized to eTRF (n=30), mTRF (n=30), or control groups (n=30) using a computer-based random-number generator. Eighty-two participants completed the entire five-week trial and were analyzed (28 in eTRF, 26 in mTRF, 28 in control groups). The primary outcome was the change in insulin resistance. Researchers who assessed the outcomes were blinded to group assignment, but participants and care givers were not. Here we show that eTRF was more effective than mTRF at improving insulin sensitivity. Furthermore, eTRF, but not mTRF, improved fasting glucose, reduced total body mass and adiposity, ameliorated inflammation, and increased gut microbial diversity. No serious adverse events were reported during the trial. In conclusion, eTRF showed greater benefits for insulin resistance and related metabolic parameters compared with mTRF. “

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