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I wasn’t intrigued with tallow lotion until this happened…

I was working with a lady who for years suffered from cracked nails. Tallow lotion stopped her nails from cracking.

Another lady told me it’s the only thing that will stop her skin from cracking.

A guy told me he gave it a try and it made his rash go away.

In all cases I thought, while interesting, and kept ignoring the amazing results people told me they got.

Finally, I tried it myself. I too also quickly realized it’s the best lotion I’ve ever used. Believe me… I’m picky and a harsh critic of lotions. I’ve always had dry skin.

Tallow lotion is natural, it’s chemical-free, and it’s loaded with fat-soluble vitamins. It’s very impressive….

I liked it so much that I convinced my daughter to launch her own tallow lotion brand. It is called Great Lakes Organix and is a great line of tallow lotion all made by my daughter right in Michigan.

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    TLW – interested in this lotion – I currently use coconut oil

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