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The major problem with healthcare is this…

You go to your western medicine trained doctor with a bunch of symptoms and instead of addressing your issue at the root cause, they give you medicine to cover up the symptoms.

Could you imagine taking a medication that has life-altering side effects to cover up your symptoms, all while missing the real reason you're facing the problem to begin with? It happens every day.

In other words… you're on medication for a vitamin deficiency.

One of the topics discussed quite heavily in school for a doctor is proper referrals. Meaning, who is the most appropriate health care provider to send someone to based on their condition.

Every day people show up at the door of a conventional medicine office hoping for natural health advice. It’s like going to the foot doctor because your vision is bad.

Western medicine doctors receive 0 training in nutrition, diet, and healthy living. My best friend recently graduated from medical school and has confirmed that this has not changed.

The moral of this story. Go to a doctor that is equipped with the knowledge necessary to take care of your health the way you wish to be treated.

Stay Healthy! Dr. Z

Ps… I am very transparent I own a supplement brand. I take great pride is the quality of products we use in my clinic. To learn more about what we offer in the way of quality, science-based, physician-grade vitamins to learn more head to store.nuvisionhealthcenter.com


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