3 Things I Stopped Doing When I Lost Weight For the Last Time

I know there are plenty of things you’re looking forward to doing when you finish losing weight, but have you ever thought about what you’ll stop doing? Ever since I lost weight for the last time in my 50s, I’ve noticed these three surprising things that I just don’t do anymore. And today, I’m sharing them with you.

Let’s paint a picture of what life looks like when you’re not just done losing weight, but really, truly, and absolutely finished. 

These three things I’m sharing with you today didn’t just magically disappear from my life the day I hit my goal weight. In fact, they took a full ‘nuther year or two or three after I’d lost the weight before I finished untangling my mindset.

So, each one of these three things that I stopped doing when I lost weight for the last time represents the mindset work, the untangling of old thoughts, beliefs, and neural pathways, that I did while I was losing weight and in the years since then.

Are you ready to see what’s waiting for you on the other side of losing weight? Let’s dig in!

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