Mobility Moves for Your Whole Body #shorts

Check out Tatiana Lampa's 22 Minute Full Body Mobility Workout:

How to stick to your calories without restricting yourself

Be aware of what you're THINKING about the foods you eat! Restrictive thoughts and feelings won't get you to your goal weight, but The 5-0 Method will!

Top 10 Drinks You Should NEVER Have Again!

Don't pollute your body with these top 10 drinks. A lot of people pay close attention to the foods they eat, but are not aware of what they drink. You should avoid these beverages at all cost. Master your health with Dr. Ekberg's course here: 🔷 Top 10 Foods You Should NEVER Eat Again: 🔷…

Oxalates, Gout, and Kidney Stones

Learn more about oxalates and discover the best ways to neutralize oxalates. Low oxalate nuts: ▶️ DATA: 0:00 Introduction: The connection between gout and kidneys stones 0:12 Oxalates explained 1:25 High oxalate foods 2:23 High oxalate nuts 2:30 Low oxalate nuts 2:42 Things that can increase oxalates 5:09 Gout and oxalates 7:48 Ways to neutralize…

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